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Metro Hartford Progress Points

Developed by a group of key regional stakeholders, Metro Hartford Progress Points is a periodic 'check-up' to build greater understanding about issues facing the Greater Hartford community. The second edition of Progress Points takes a deeper look at key issues impacting our communities and how they are connected. The report asks how we can build on our strengths and fully utilize the assets that the region has to provide access to opportunity for all. Using key indicators to identify opportunities for action, the 2015 report focuses on the following regional priorities:

  • Access to better schools
  • Access to better jobs
  • Access to stronger neighborhoods

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The Opportunity

How will declining enrollment and school choice shape our region?

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Where are the opportunities to find work at living wages?

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How can housing and transit connect people to opportunity?

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The Report

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Making progress, reaffirming priorities

Last year, we introduced Metro Hartford Progress Points in order to identify and better understand the critical education, income and opportunity gaps that exist in our region. This year, we’re continuing the discussion, looking for ways to improve access to better schools, better jobs and stronger neighborhoods for everyone in the region.

Regional prosperity takes regional cooperation

Access to better jobs builds stronger neighborhoods. Stronger neighborhoods help to connect families to better schools. And better education ensures that workers are ready to take on those jobs — increasing prosperity, growth and quality of life for all.

From a renewed commitment to improving access to good schools, to changing our thinking about the kinds of jobs we want in our communities, there is a need to inspire ourselves, and one another, as we work together to improve our region.

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Imagine the possibilities if we:

Give more children access to good schools and help towns address the challenges of declining school enrollment. Low-cost housing in high opportunity areas and coordination across town lines on shared education services and choice programs provide access to opportunity for our region’s current residents. But can we change the trajectory for the region without growing our population and attracting new residents?

Build better connections among public schools, higher education and job training programs to ensure that training and education programs are driven by employers’ needs. Focusing on jobs that Connecticut will need ensures we remain competitive.

Forge a transportation network that connects people to jobs, education and training programs, and family needs like childcare, and that reduces the strain on infrastructure and alleviates congestion. Transportation investments can better link people, towns and the region to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Work together as a region to create efficiencies, acting in collaboration rather than in competition, across municipal lines to increase access to opportunity for all. While examples of cooperation exist, we must make it the rule, not the exception.

A Snapshot of the Greater Hartford Region

What does it mean to live in Metro Hartford? It means we are more than a collection of individual cities and towns. We are a Region. Let's make Metro Hartford the best home it can be for all of us.

Together, we can make a change for the better, for all.

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